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We live in crazy times. . .over scheduled calendars, work demands and economic pressures, leave us with a lot of stress and little time for each other.  Despite the hurricane swirling around us, we must make time to unplug from all the distractions and plug in to each other. It isn’t easy, but it is important.

How important?

Study after study shows that children who connect with their families consistently have better communication skills and higher self esteem.  As a result, they are less likely to drink, smoke, do drugs, get pregnant, commit suicide, and develop eating disorders.

What is the one important commitment? 

A family meeting… Not a meeting during dinner, but an actual meeting, once a week, with an agenda and goals.

Real conversation takes heart.. and commitment.  Yes, the Younger your kids are, the easier it is to incorporate this into your lives, but it is never too late.  You are a role model for your children.  Heck, You may even be their hero. The good news… no cape is required, just your commitment, caring and courage.

Kitchen Table Conversations brings to the table (literally) a simple, yet effective, solution for real conversations through honest and positive communication.

The heartbeat of this initiative represents a journey
for families to follow, even in difficult times,
with the realization that challenges can become
our greatest gifts, if we choose to allow them.

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